"So much terrific stuff therein...some of the Judas Priest work I love: Jugulator & Angel Of Retribution, Nostradamus is great and 4 Horsemen - magnificent. Lepidoptera is gorgeous too!"
Anthony Phillips
“What can I say? Shadowplay is even more beautiful than I imagined. I wish I had 1% of the talent you have, and your eye for detail. I am totally and utterly delighted - nothing more to say, except that the personalised Certificate of Authenticity is a stroke of genius too...in fact, let's face it, the whole lot's divine.Thank you so much. I love the mini Giclées too!”
Ivan Coleman
“Got my copy of Shadowplay this morning, it looks fantastic.”
Pete Gifford
“The book is stunning, afraid to handle it to be honest and the prints are excellent, may well get some more to add to the set,brilliant!
Richard Evans
“Its a great book, from Marillion to Priest, Maiden, Red Dwarf , The Darkness and the main man Fish. With my giclée 'The Fool ' holding pride of place in our dining room, your art work has been there with me as I listen and pondered the LP covers to CD covers since i was a moody teenager
.The combination of a great cover and great music is so easily lost in today's download world.”
John Gibson
“I received my copy of Shadowplay yesterday. I am not quite sure that "applause" can be transmitted through email, please be sure that is what I am currently attempting. I was mesmerized by the images and the stories behind them only added to my enjoyment!”
Kirt Van Overen
Mark Paling

One package that arrived this week was Mark Wilkinson's new book, "Shadowplay".
And I have to say it's a highly impressive slab of artwork, beautifully assembled and presented in a way Mark is famed for.
Obviously I am well aware of the Marillion and Fish designs and had seen elements of what he had created outside our sphere over the years.
"Shadowplay" brings his artistic career together in one well defined curve and I sat with a coffee in front of the fire and read it from cover to cover immediately after opening it.
It's a fascinating book and even I was surprised at the extent of his imagery and the kaleidoscope of projects he has worked on over the years.
The Red Dwarf and Judge Dredd material I had seen snippets before, but gathered together it's an impressive collection.
I hadn't seen the Glyder sleeves nor the extended stamp designs so there were quite a few surprises! :-)
My favourite is the unused sleeve for Justin Hawkin's solo album after he left The Darkness.
Comical brief that is executed brilliantly! :-D
As well as the artwork, which is superbly printed in the book, there is Mark's commentary on all the projects and his own take on his career path over the years.
All in all it's a great book and great value for money overall.
If you're looking for a Christmas present for a Fishhead friend or for anyone who appreciates airbrushing and album artwork then "Shadowplay" is guaranteed to deliver the "brownie points". ;-)
“Fantastically put together”
Leanne Watts


I got your book today. It's great, very impressive. I love the quality and detail. The printing is excellent and I really like your layout. It's a real treasure to own, thanks for making it.
John Merikowski
“The curse of the rock chronicler and his Vigil in the Bathroom of Indescribability! I really value having all those images between one set of covers, and being able to see the development.”
Chris Somerville
I wanted to thank you for the amazing Shadowplay book. Words cannot describe the job you did putting this together. I would like to share with you the day I had yesterday when your book arrived.
Wednesday was a very snowy, stormy day in Connecticut, so my children (Saffron 7 and Sebastian 4) had the day off from school. My wife and I decided to join them for a family day and call off work as well. They all saw how excited I was when your book arrived. As I'm a huge Fish/Marillion fan and have a number of your prints up in the house and my office, they are all familiar with your work. We made some hot cocoa and spent the next few hours sitting on the living room floor near the Christmas tree going through your book and listening to Christmas cds by Moody Blues & Jethro Tull (maybe someone close to Fish should suggest a Christmas record from the Big Man). I'm also a huge Maiden & Priest fan, so as we went through each page of the book, the kids would find the cds on the shelf and flip through the artwork while I told them about "the good ol' days" when I used to see all these bands live regularly. We even had a scavenger hunt to find the Mark Wilkinson's in the house (Fellini Days, Plague of Ghosts and Early Stages are on walls in the house, Return to Childhood is up in my office). It was truly a special, spontaneous day that we'll all remember always.Thank you again,
Jeff Gaudiosi