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Photographic Restoration
Web Design
Visual Arts
From Rock and Roll excess to corporate success and from presenting the friendly face of a guest house to to the showcasing the newest work of an internationally reknowned illustrator every website presents a new challenge and requires a different approach

Over 20 years in the photographic industry has lead to an interest in all aspects of photography the onward march of technology has seen huge changes in the industry, some for better, some for worse but on great improvement is the ability to digitally enhance or restore treasured old photographs damaged by time.
Recent events and a lucky break lead to a project in a new direction.
The new challenge was to provide projected background visuals for a European tour by Rock singer Fish and his band, at short notice two hours worth of visual treats were put together and the results are available to see on a DVD of the resulting shows.
Logo Design

From simple and clear layout to more complex multipage sites with personalized navigation and the inclusion of Flash animation. Logo and banner design is all part of the serviceand help with ideas for content is also available.

Business, Music, Charity or just a theme to link several projects, logos are an important part of life today just a few designs are shown above, yours could be next!
Hopefully this side of things will continue to grow with several new projects in the pipeline who knows but the future certainly looks interesting